Modular Conveyor Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply the full range of modular belting in Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyacetal (POM) all standard materials are FDA approved for direct food contact.


Polyethylene can handle operational temperature down to -73 °C and is suitable for instillations in cold areas. It will also be ideal for applications that require a flexible belt material with superior impact strength.


Polypropylene can handle operational temperatures up to 100°C. It is a harder material with good pulling force. It is suitable for instillations in high range temperature areas as well as boilers and dryers to certain degrees. It has excellent chemical resistance towards aggressive cleaning chemicals etc.


Polyacetal is a strong all-round material with a working temperature range from -43 to +95°C, this material has great pulling force and a hard surface, which gives a reduced friction to both the support and the product. It is sensitive to blows or knocks due to low impact strength. Suitable for bottling and canning industries. Should be used with caution in instillations that use cleaning agents containing acid and or chlorine.

Special Materials

Special materials are available to solve tasks out of the ordinary for high temperature areas, composite materials to reduce expansion, reinforced materials, electrically conductive, non-stick, detectable polypropylene, flame retardant materials.


Flights in various heights and designs in the full range of products. Sidewalls in various heights. Grip top modular belt for incline conveyors.

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