Rubber Conveyor Belting

Flat Rubber Conveyor Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company flat rubber Conveyor Belt is made with E.P. fabric plies. The top and bottom are provided with abrasion resistant rubber covers to DIN 22102 and BS 409 as standard.

E.P. polyester/polyamide (nylon) fabric is constructed with synthetic woven fabric, utilising a polyester fibre for warp and polyamide fibre for weft.

Our rubber belting has the following qualities:

  • Low stretch
  • Excellent trough ability
  • High abrasion resistant covers
  • Impervious to humidity and wetness
  • Mildew and rot free
  • High tear resistance

24/7 365 site service. The Conveyor Belt Company will come on site and fit and vulcanise your rubber conveyor belt.

Friction Back Rubber Conveyor Belting

The conveyor belting company also supply friction back rubber conveyor belting.

Friction back belting is used in many industries where the product is being conveyed on a flat metal slider belt and a frictionless bottom helps the belt run with less drag and is necessary for the conveyor to run smoothly.

Grip Top Rubber Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply rubber grip top belting this is designed for carrying light weight goods either inclined or horizontally. Ideal for papers, bags, boxes and cartons.

The rubber grip to belting we supply is constructed with a rough mesh pattern moulded into the top cover, has good cushioning properties and absorbs impacts and vibrations during transportation and simultaneously prevents slipping. There is a choice of friction or a rubber covered back surface.

Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company can offer a full range of chevron rubber conveyor belting, with completely moulded chevrons as one with the top cover. Chevron belting is used when products are being conveyed up an incline and a standard flat belt has not got enough grip.

Our chevron belting has a standard base belt with the chevron selected then moulded as part of the top cover.

Chevron conveyor belts can be supplied at heights of 6mm 15mm and 25mm as standard 32mm and 35mm high chevron can also be offered.

Flighted, Cleated & Sidewall Rubbert Belts

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply flighted and cleated rubber conveyor belts either hot moulded or cold bonded on.

The flights, cleats and sidewall can be supplied to our customers' requirements in various heights and strengths.

Oil Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company supply oil resistant rubber belting to several industries where the product the conveyor belt is carrying has a high oil content such as animal oil, vegetable oil and seed oil.

The conveyor belt is supplied with oil resistant qualities to prevent distortion and cracking on the rubbers this has proved to be very successful in the correct applications.

Elevator Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company can offer you a wide range on elevator belting it can be supplied in many specs and sizes to suit your application.

Our elevator belting can be supplied with oil resistant rubbers or heat resistant covers and it has excellent strength for bolting on buckets. We can supply your elevator belting c/w holes ready to fit just give us the dimensions or ask one of our team to visit your site and we will do the rest.

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply you with all your elevator buckets also in steel, stainless steel and plastic just give The Conveyor Belt Company the dimensions or call us and one of our team will visit your site and we will do the rest. We can also fit your new elevator buckets and belt if you require.

Ripstop Rubber Conveyor Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company supply ripstop conveyor belt for very heavy duty applications with sharp materials or where heavy and hard stone is being conveyed, and there is an increased risk of the conveyor belt being ripped by the product being conveyed.

Ripstop combines the convenience of a textile belt with the strength of steel, owing to its multiply structure equipped with a metal shield in the top cover. This belt is available from type EP630/3+1, 8+3 covers, in 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm width.

Ripstop conveyor belt consists of woven fabric plies (polyester warp/polyamide weft) with a rubber interface. This carcass is protected by an anti shock metal shield consisting of steel cords incorporated in the top cover. The standard cover is a superior quality anti abrasive grade cover rubber.

Please contact one of team at The Conveyor Belt Company on 01506 434880 or email us on and we will be only to happy to assist you with your enquiry.