Poultry Eggs Conveyor Belts

The Conveyor Belt Company Scotland supply many types of belting to the Poultry and Egg industry throughout the UK from Manure Removal belts to Rubber removal belts and then to the packhouse systems.

The Conveyor Belt Company Scotland supply PP egg belts and manure belts for the poultry market. In our own finishing department the belts are tailored for the end application. The egg belts can be provided with a perforation. We have various possibilities for this.

Manure belts can also be perforated. These conveyor belts are used in systems for drying manure.

The back walls of the nests are also made of thin polypropylene (PP) sheets.These can easily be bent into shape to suit the application.

Poultry Manure Removal Belts are used in the poultry market to remove poultry manure from the poultry sheds.

The benefits of using CBC to supply your poultry manure belts are;

  • The high quality of belting we can supply
  • The quick turn around and response
  • We can vulcanise the belts onsite 24/7
  • The belts are highly resistant and washable allowing the belts to last longer

Examples of Poultry Eggs Conveyor Belts

Egg Carrying Perforated Conveyor Belt

Egg Carrying Perforated Conveyor Belt