Mafdel Positively Driven Conveyor Belts

Mafdel designs and manufactures thermoweldable belts and conveyor belts intended for continuous industrial handling. Mafdel conveyor and profile belts are used in most industry sectors because of their numerous advantages:

  • Quick and easy onsite welding eliminates the need to dismantle conveyors
  • Repairs are easy and greatly reduce production downtime
  • High resistance to abrasion cuts and tears
  • Resistance to oil, grease and solvents
  • Compliance with the most stringent food standards

Mafdel Products Used for Many Applications

Food: meat, poultry, cheese making, canning, fruit and vegetables, fish, bakeries and confectionery.
Packaging: cardboard and sheet metal packaging, plastics, printing and paper production.
Material manufacturing: tiles, bricks, ceramics, concrete products, plaster products, wood industry and glass industry.
Other sectors: automotive, logistics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agriculture.

Conveyor Belts for Industrial Handling

The extensive range of Mafdel conveyor belts is suitable for product handling in many industries. Made from polyurethane or polyester elastomer, our transport belts offer many desirable characteristics; resistance to abrasion, cuts and tears, resistance to chemical products, hydrocarbons and detergent products.

The food grade range complies with the most stringent hygiene standards. Mafdel belts are very easy to weld on site, using simple tools and without disassembling the conveyors. The speed and ease of the jointing process helps to reduce production downtime.

Transport belts are also suitable for many conveyor types (inclined, bi directional, swan neck and troughed), and can be fitted with guides, profiles, sidewalls, perforations, and other bespoke accessories.

Thermoweldable Belts for Industrial Handling

Mafdel offers a wide range of belts for industrial handling that meet your different application needs.

This range includes round belts, trapezoidal belts, ridge top belts and special belts.

Ease & Flexibility

  • Easily welded on site with no specialist skill requirement
  • On site joining without dismantling of conveyors
  • Immediate repairs without production downtime
  • Possibility of shortening or lengthening a belt to suit your needs
  • Easy repair of damaged belts
  • Flexibility in conveyor design and selected belt spacing
  • Reduced and simplified belt stock

Optimum Hygiene

  • Mono material products, waterproof, rot-resistant
  • Smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Resistant to water, animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • Resistant to detergent products
  • Easy to clean

Wide Product Range

  • Considerable choice of belts with varied characteristics providing solutions for most handling requirements
  • Wide range of coverings for trapezoidal belts
  • A variety of friction coefficients on round belts available depending on need

Highly Durable

  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and many solvents
  • Very high traction capacity with aramid reinforcement combined with an overlap weld
Mafdel Thermoweldable Belts Rubber Belts Conveyor Chains
Ease of Assembly
Resistance to Chemical & Hydrocarbon Product
Abrasion Resistance
Ease of Maintenance
Can Be Coated
Easy to Clean
Simplified Stock Management
Silent Use
Suitablility for Food Contact

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