Flat Transmission Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply the full range of flat transmission belts, they are widely used as live roller drives, tangential drives, power transmission drives crossed or multiple, for low, medium and high power, as machine feeding belts and process belts in the paper and folding industry.

Making Endless Transmission Belts

The Conveyor Belt Company can join the full range of transmission belts in or own highly automated workshop including cutting, skiving and glued jointing to the highest standard. Belts can be supplied endless spliced or with prepared ends for on site splicing.

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply special coated and tracked transmission belts with rubber or various coatings. If the customer wishes to join belts on site with their own equipment The Conveyor Belt Company can supply the special cement kits complete with directions.

Polyester belts can be made endless without use of cements in a very short time using a high speed press that can also be supplied by The Conveyor Belt Company.

The Range

  • Thermoplastic transmission belts with traction core in polyester and elastomer coverings
  • The T-E 10/20 and T-E 30/30 belts are particularly suitable as tangential drive belts in the textile industry or as power transmission or live roller in any other industry (e.g. in the paper and tissue processing industry the wood industry)
  • The DG-E 10/30 and DG-E 10/40 belts are suitable for folder gluers in the cardboard industry as an alternative to the traditional nylon belts of the DG range
  • Transmission belts with traction core in polyamide
  • Specially designed for the tangential drives in the textile industry. The high quality features are rectilinear and quiet running, antistatic, optimum grip, energy saving, resistance to abrasion, heat, oil, dust, are obtained in every field. Suitable for multiple drives. The T-T series in yellow black provide straight running and dimensional stability to an outstanding degree. The OE type is specially designed to suit the newest open end spinning frames

DG HS Series (High Speed)

Belts with very high performance elastomer cover. Suitable for folder gluers at very high speed.

DG Series

These double rubbers faced belts have special elastomers which maintain continuous frictional values. Antistatic, suitable for, folder gluer machines, tube winders, post office and in the graphic arts industry, for multiple drives. The MF elastomer cover offers the highest grip.

P Series

  • Suitable for both light and medium drives
  • Power operated tool
  • Auxiliary drives in the textile and mechanical industry

Installed as conveyor belts in the packing and graphic industries.

Z Series

Suitable for both medium and high horsepower drives, making it extremely abrasion resistant; oil, grease proof and antistatic. Designed to perform well in difficult working conditions. Recommended for pumps, ventilators, mixers, rolling mills, turbines saws for marble and chippers.

LT Series

Belts with chrome leather driving surface. Contrary to belts with synthetic covers, LT belts are recommended for all drives subject to violent overloads since the leather driving surface allows temporary slipping without burning suitable for conic drives, drives with belt shifters, chippers, paper mills and suitable for cross drives.

LL Series

Belts with double chrome leather covers the same characteristics and applications envisage for LT series apply also to LL series. Suitable for multiple drives and cross drives.

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