Elevator Buckets & Bolts

Elevator Buckets

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply wide range of elevator buckets. With many different sizes and styles, we can supply an elevator bucket for any product and any application.

  • Steel and stainless steel elevator buckets (pressed/seamless or fabricated)
  • Plastic/non-metallic elevator buckets (nylon, HDP or polyurethane)
  • Elevator buckets for agricultural applications (e.g. grain, feed, seeds, sugar)
  • Elevator buckets for industrial applications (e.g. cement, lime, aggregates, glass, fertilizer)

Elevator Bolts

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply elevator bolt types including:

  • Ref70 bolts
  • Euro Bolts
  • Fang bolts
  • Easifit bolts
  • Large oval washers

Elevator Belting

The Conveyor Belt Company can supply many elevator belt types including:

  • Anti-static, abrasion-resistant
  • high temperature
  • Oil resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Steel web belting for the toughest environments
  • Belts are supplied slit, cut to length and punched to your requirements

Please contact one of team at The Conveyor Belt Company on 01506 434880 or email us on sales@theconveyorbeltco.co.uk and we will be only to happy to assist you with your enquiry.