Preventative Maintenance Problem Solving & Checks

The Full Job

At the Conveyor Belt Company we do not just fit belts; we provide a full service including the inspection of your systems and the undertaking and completion of any necessary repairs in liaison with your engineers.

On site vulcanising

We provide a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on site vulcanising service. With our new equipment and experienced fitters we can vulcanise joints up to 3000mm wide in a speedy, safe and efficient manner allowing minimum disruption to our clients.

Our modern, portable vulcanising presses can be broken down and handled by one man making it the lightest press we know of for belts over 1500mm wide. This allows satisfactory results for our clients and for us.

24/7 Site Service

The Conveyor Belt Company has built its reputation on our on-site service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers know we will never let them down in a break down situation.

At the Conveyor Belt Company we will go the extra mile. Not only will we fit your belt, we can offer a full service which includes; fitting new skirts, changing rollers, bearings and drums etc. If required CBC can provide a complete overhaul of your System or we can simply report any faults or works required to remedy your problems.

The Conveyor Belt Company will always carry our preventative maintenance. We already carry out this service for companies in Scotland on a weekly basis looking after not only conveyor systems, but several other machine types. We will check and complete the necessary repairs to prevent unnecessary and time consuming breakdowns during production.

The Conveyor Belt Company Scotlandís Shut Down Work Ė CBC will service your conveyor systems when you have planned maintenance so not to disturb your production. A survey will be carried out weeks before the scheduled shut down and a plan of action, along with our recommendations, will be provided to ensure minimal disturbance for our clients.

The Conveyor Belt Company Scotlandís Site Surveys Ė CBCís engineers will complete a site survey, free of charge, of all your conveyor systems. This allows us to reduce downtime and react quicker with the information at our depot.

The Conveyor Belt Companies Preventative maintenance. We currently carry out preventative maintenance programs for our clients which can range from 2 days per week to 1 day per month.

This allows us to reduce costly break down time during production. CBC will take control of you conveyor systems replacing damaged parts and maintaining existing parts.

The Conveyor belt Companies Annual Conveyor Overhauls. We currently carry out conveyor overhauls during our clients annual shut downs. We can replace all damaged parts belts, bearings, rollers, drums and side skirts etc wherever and whenever necessary. We will also help with the planning and organization of materials to make sure the work is carried out in the most proficient manner.

The Conveyor Belt Company Scotlandís Problem Solving Ė We work closely with our clients to help with the main problems such as BRUISING and SPILLAGE when conveying potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Our clients can call upon CBCís vast knowledge and experience in there industry and we are always on hand to provide helpful and time efficient solutions.

The Conveyor Belt Company is able to supply Service and Assistance 24 hours a day to all our clients.


Examples of Preventative Maintenance Problem Solving & Checks

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Survey and Inspections

Survey and Inspections

Conveyor Checks

Conveyor Checks

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance